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Bia Hoi on Thi Sach street 

Place named "Đại Lý Bia Hơi" on Thi Sack street, District 1
This is the one of few places that still serves old style beer, in District 1.
But this place in the building could be torn down anytime by development plan, because of location.

Đại Lý Bia Hơi
Address: 4 Thi Sach St., Dist. 1
Phone: (08)3822-6385

[Baba's Kitchen] North and South Indian Food 

Owner of this restaurant used to own Mumtaz restaurant before.
Mumtaz was one of my favorite Indian restaurant in ho Chi Minh city.

He has opened new restaurant called Baba's Kitchen.
They serve North and South Indian Food and
Halal and Vegetarian dishes.

They have three to four chefs for each North and South Indian dishes.
They said Nothern dish is sweet and Southern dish is spicy.

I ordered, actually owner ordered for me, Southern chicken curry with tomato set.
The set comes with
Papadum - Wikipedia
Naan - Wikipedia
and various Indian sauce.

Another separate sauce.

They are also popular for delivery and catering services, too.

Baba's Kitchen
Address: 164 Bui Vien st., Dist.1 HCM city
Phone: 083-838-6661
HP: www.babaskitchen.in

Bánh Cuốn restaurant 
I will try this place soon.

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The reason I went back to my home town was to attend my late mother's second anniversary.
We went to her cemetery park and had lunch together.

This is the dessert decorated with Japanese maple leaf.

Read more for what we had.

Chicken noodles from landlord 

Because landlords are adding 2 more floors to increase rooms to rent,
it's been quite noisy for last 6 weeks.

They must have thought they had to do something to avoid tenants complaining
about construction noise.
The landlords had cooked noodles for tenants on Sunday last three to four weeks.

This is soy source based chicken noodles (Mi Ga).
It was a bit greasy as lunch but quite tasty.

Com Tam 

My landlords run small restaurant called Com Tam.

Highlands Coffee at Somerset Chancellor Court 

Price of iced coffee went up from 26000 vnd to 33000 vnd !
It was more than 25% up.

Well, here is Vietnam, hahaha.

[Lau De 214] 
Goat breast meat bagrbeque.

My homemade yogurt 
I made yogurt using yogurt maker brought from Japan.
I originally wanted to use this to make Nattou that is fermented soy beans.

I did not know making yogurt was this easy!
You can just mix milk and yogurt, then keep temperature 40 degree for 6 to 12hours.

I hope this will help my eczema somewhat.
But taking too much dairy product is not good for my eczema either.

Nha Tranh Re-Korean restaurnt 

Pork meat was placed on stone plate to be barbecued.




Location was near the Tansonnhat International Airport.

Nha Tranh Re
住所:51 Hau Giang, P.4, Tân Bình district

Mi Quang 
This is rice cracker for Mi Quang.
Mi Quang is Da Nang's special noodles.

Flickr Photo Title: Mi Quang (Quang Nam noodles)
Originally uploaded by tuey

Beers at Saigon 
Saigon Xhanh (Saigon Green) Beer

Saigon Do(Saigon Red) Beer.

Hột vịt lộn 
Hột vịt lộn is called "Trứng vịt lộn" at Northern Vietnam.
Vit means duc. Trung means egg.
They called "balut" in Phillipines.
Chinese called them "máodàn" or "sǐtāidàn".

I would not show how to eat it but you can search on the net.

Almost 90% of Vietnamese (or I heard Filipino) like this.
They consider Hột vịt lộn contains high protain and etcetra.
There are many weired dishes in Asia orworld wide. These are not common and most of them are not deliscious.

Hoever, Hột vịt lộn is very common and you can often see those at street stands in Vietnam.
I wanted to get feeeling why they like Hột vịt lộn.
I have eaten them dozen of times and I think I am getting used to eat them.

Balut by Wikipedia

Sinh To 

Shin to means Vitamin in Vietnamese.

It also means fruit shake for Vietnamese people.

Because tropical fruit is quite deliscious in Vietnam, sinh to at Vietnam tastes really good.
It makes you relaxed during hot Vietnamese day.

Try sinh to at fruit stand or local cafe.

Sinh To(Japanese site)

Bun Bo Hue 

Bu Bo Hue is "Hue style Bun Bo".
It is bit spicy bun and popular among the Vietnamese.


This was 10000 Vietnam Dong. It is about 63 pence.
Even in Vietnam, this is very low price.

Bun Bo Hue
by Wikipedia

Banh My 

Banh My means bread in Vietnamese.
But generally recognised as Freanch brread(baguette ) sandwitch.

There are many places you can get banh my.
Especialy banh my at food stand on the street is goood and cheap.

You can get Banh my by approx. 30 cents ea!!! IMG_1668_s.jpg

This is food stand for banh my.

Bun Bo 

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