at VINCOM Center, Ho chi Minh city

A Happy New Year 

Beefeater and tomato juice 

Hello, it's been a while!
It was in the airplane on the way back to Fukuoka, Japan.

My keyboard 

It's Japanese keyboard.
I liked English keyboard before but only 1 key stroke got me changed.

English keyboard takes 2 keys to set Japanese input mode.
Japanese keyboard only takes 1 key to set it.
Off course I may be able to assign function to the specific key but Japanese keyboard has 1 additional key to set Japanese input mode.

I still like English keyboard from the design point of view.
It is simpler and easy to look.

Big or tall? 

I read Japanese news site,
and interested about "nose".

This is about culture shock about Japan from the blog post of Ricky
- Japanese men compliment women by saying “You have a small face” or “You have a big nose”. The first time somebody said to me I had a big nose I actually thought he was trying to offend me. As you may know, many Americans (women and even some men) get a “nose job” (plastic surgery to get a smaller nose). Opposite cultures!

I enjoyed reading her post.

In above Japanese news site, they translated that American had complex about taller nose and some even wanted to have plastic surgery for lower nose.

When Japanese compliment about nose, we say "HANA GA TAKAI DESUNE".
This means you have a tall or prominet nose compare to we Asian tend to have rather button shaped nose.
I think when we use "HANA GA TAKAI", it does not mean "big nose".

To me, HANA GA TAKAI and BIG NOSE do not seem to fit well.
So what is the best way to compliment?
Tall nose,
long nose,
prominent nose,
beautiful nose or
better not to use nose to compliment?

By the way, I personally like Scarlett Johansson's nose.

A Happy New Year 

This year's Earthly Branches is RABBIT (In Vietnam, CAT)


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