Customize template for META tag 
Because FC2 blog have not described META tag as default template,
I added some META tags.

Referenced pages,





Top page graphics 
Record of update

All dead linked top pagegraphics got updated link.

Some of the graphics had been linked from old web site.

Category Menu 
FC2 BLog notified that we were able to use parent and sub categories.

I have changed category design by using this new function.

To make parent category more noticable, I made parent cattegory BOLD.

I added the following to the CSS
/* 親カテゴリー */
.main_list {
font-weight: bold; /* 太字 */

/* 子カテゴリー */
.sub_list {
font-weight: normal; /* 中字 */

.sub_list_end {
font-weight: normal; /* 中字 */

Design slightly changed 
Record of customization

The width of container changed from 950px to 1000px.

Default photo size changed from 650px to 700px.

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