Izakaya Sumodori 

Izakaya is general term of Japanese style pub.
Izakaya by Wikipedia

Sumodori is this shop's unique name combined with Sumo(Japanese wrestling) and Tori(bird).
Somewhat, the owner must be a fan of Sumo wrestling.
They even say Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived.

This place locates near Kasugabaru railway station, Fukuoka, where is my home town.

Read more for what we had.

[Hisago An] 
The Entrance of Hisago An at Nakagawa Machi, Fukuoka

My father and relatives got together here and enjoyed hot pot.

Onoya is serving hand made soba(buckwheat) noodle locates near Yoyogi-hachiman station.

I ordered Tamago-don, instead of Soba noodle.
Tamago-don is a one dish of various rice bowl dishes.
Rice bowl dishes have been served many Japanese restaurants but these rice bowl dishes at soba noodle restaurant is somewhat different.
I had favourite tamago-don of soba noodle restaurant in my high school years.

Perhaps, I remebered that tamago-don, somewhat

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