At Kim Thy - 2 

Behind of the Chain 

At Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh city

FC2 Blog English version started 
FC2 announced Englidh version of FC2 BLog started

So I crested this site.

All interface is English. So when you post comments then English message should be appeared.

Although, all the user made plugins are not available yet, I can copy to free plugin are then I can use them.

Some of the FC2 service are linked Japanese page.
I hope FC2 gradually will shft to link English page.

Because FC2 is based in USA? It must be easy to add English interface.
I guess there aremany Asian user in FC2 !

Cho Binh Tay 
Courtyard of Cho binh Tay.

ALthough, enoumous people are working in Cho Binh Tay,
this courtyard is alway quiet.
At least I feel so.
Some peolpe come here and pray.

Mac Dinh Thi Street 

Kids near the apartment 

These smiles let me remember my old days.

At Kim Thy 

Cafe My Cali 

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