Cyber Cafe @ De Tham Street 

I should be just the way I am 

This is one of my favorite song.

I've been to Billy Joel concert at Greenville, South Carolina.

Category Menu 
FC2 BLog notified that we were able to use parent and sub categories.

I have changed category design by using this new function.

To make parent category more noticable, I made parent cattegory BOLD.

I added the following to the CSS
/* 親カテゴリー */
.main_list {
font-weight: bold; /* 太字 */

/* 子カテゴリー */
.sub_list {
font-weight: normal; /* 中字 */

.sub_list_end {
font-weight: normal; /* 中字 */

Cho Binh Tay 

Marks on the Street 

At Nearby Cafe 

Ladies were having chitchat time in early afternoon at nearby Cafe

Young Street Performers 

My Hao at Cho Lon 

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