Cafe Huong Thao 
Closest Local Cafe from my house.
Cafe Da is 6000vnd.
I will not go to Highland Cafe or another western style cafe anymore.
This high back chair is actually quite comfortable once you get used to it.


Hot tea at hot Ho Chi Minh city!

Mi Quang 
This is rice cracker for Mi Quang.
Mi Quang is Da Nang's special noodles.

Flickr Photo Title: Mi Quang (Quang Nam noodles)
Originally uploaded by tuey

Nobody was here tonight.

Lantern Shop for Tet Trung Thu 

Today is Tet Trung Thu in Vietnam.
Main event for Vietnamese Tet Trung Thu is held the day before.
Kids will hold lantern parade, then eat Banh Trung Thu

Images of Banh Trung Thu by Google Image search

A Song For You by Ray Charles Leon Russell Willie Nelson 

Willie Nelson was tearing.

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