Table and Chairs 

at Chikushi Health Welfare Environment office


The reason I went back to my home town was to attend my late mother's second anniversary.
We went to her cemetery park and had lunch together.

This is the dessert decorated with Japanese maple leaf.

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Izakaya Sumodori 

Izakaya is general term of Japanese style pub.
Izakaya by Wikipedia

Sumodori is this shop's unique name combined with Sumo(Japanese wrestling) and Tori(bird).
Somewhat, the owner must be a fan of Sumo wrestling.
They even say Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived.

This place locates near Kasugabaru railway station, Fukuoka, where is my home town.

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Beefeater and tomato juice 

Hello, it's been a while!
It was in the airplane on the way back to Fukuoka, Japan.

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