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Green and red street?

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hi hiro,
nice (and strange) to see that we used to be neighbors until about two months ago (when i moved back to Hà Lan):
pic from my apt
Hi pim.
You lived the second house from the right side?
I like this location as it close to city center.
Did you enjoy foods around here?
My land lord runs Com Tam onthe ground floor unitl lunch time.
hi hiro,
yeah, i liked the place, the hem (18a).
living close to the citycentre and still being in a kind of oasis.
my favorite place for dinner was cua dong (near ntmk on the right left side of the hem) and i liked the coffee places all over the area.
one of the very few things i can pronounce fluently in vietnamese is 'cà phê đá không đường' ;-)
i took a few kilograms of coffee back to hà lan
xin chào | pim

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