Downtown Tachikawa #2 


I have created this entry to link with this page.

Thank you for visiting this page.
Since I lost previous blog data, I moved photos to here.

I recovered some of the comments but,
unfortunately, I could not recover some of the comments visitors made.

I hope this page will still help some of visitors reunification.

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Comments from Jerry Norville on 25 Aug 2007 
I was stationed at Tachikawa AFB for 30 months (1952-54) and again for 48 months (1958-1961 with assignment to the base hospital on the FEAMCOM side.
I enjoyed the pictures on your site but still find it hard to believe that your pictures and those I have from my tours came from the same part of the world. Thank you for an entertaining evening from an old, really old vet.
Comments from Cherie Austin on 21 Apr 2008 
Questioning Christy.....who did you
fly for? I lived there and was with
Airlift. I am still in touch with my
pal Janet SIMMS.
Commnets from Thomas Deeny on 21 Jul 2009 
I went to Tahci in 1966 to be one of the first to work in the 20th CSF. I was there from Aug. to Aug 1968. Made many good friends. Wish I could find some of them back. We lived by the football field and near the Civilian Club. Carried many a litter in those two years. Have many pictures and even a Stars and Stripes article about the unit. The moving wall was in our area this week and everyone should visit. We should never forget the sacrifice that some made.

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